​​​DevOps vs Security:

Developers are rewarded when they write code quickly and accurately. Security rarely seems to be present through the ENTIRE development cycle, typically getting relegated to the final step. Telling a developer that they have to recode again is not a pleasant discussion. The security team is not seen as an enabler for software development. If this sounds familiar to you, then you are at risk!

Hackers know that they can exploit the lack of security that exists in these rapidly written lines of code. The most common vulnerabilities in Open Source Web Applications are:

-       Cross Site Scripting

-       SQL Injection 

-       File Inclusion

Here in Eastern Canada one of our goals is to help you improve the performance, security and resiliency of the Web applications you deliver to your customers and users. We are offering a free whiteboard session with one of our Cloud Networking experts to discuss how we can help you protect against these 3 common attacks. In some cases, no application modification is required. Contact info@EurOuest.net to book your free session.